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Sambucus canadensis 'Adams'

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Adams Fruiting Elderberry. This is a new superior fruiting form of our native American elderberry, which is highly valued for its medicinal and nutritional properties, and is reported to be anti-viral as well as anti-bacterial. It is also an excellent source of vitamin C. This selection is a heavy fruiting form which must be planted with another cultivar for cross-pollination. It will produce a flower head of up to 12 inches across. They do best with uniform moisture and will also tolerate some shade and still produce a heavy crop. It is quite vigorous, so one needs to give it plenty of space as it will reach 6-10 ft. high, with an equal spread. As with all Elderberries, they are not meant to be eaten fresh, but must be properly prepared to produce their superior juices, jellies, syrups and wines.

Zones 3-9