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Jasminum parkeri

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Evergreen Dwarf Himalayan Jasmine. A little pixie of a shrub which will get only 12" high and 24" across. It has to be one of the cutest little things we grow. It has tiny compound leaves characteristic of the genus, and bright yellow five-petalled jasmine-like tubular flowers in April. It is a superb selection for those small areas where regular size shrubs just won't do.  It is native to northern India where it is considered to be an endangered species. Here is a comment I found on the ResearchGate website: "Jasminum parkeri is a highly endangered and narrowly endemic taxon restricted to a small pocket in the remote mountain area of Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh in the western Himalaya, India." I have seen it growing in TN where it is probably zone 6b. This particular selection was introduced by Far Reaches Farms and was collected in Himachal Pradesh in India. The Lord forbid that I should ever have to pick a favorite plant, but if I did, I'm quite sure that this one would be in my top 10. It starts flowering when quite young. It is also reputed to be deer resistant. I don't think we have ever had deer browse any of our different Jasminum selections. Zones 7-11.