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Hydrangea aspera 'Rocklon'

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Rocklon Aspera Hydrangea. For those gardeners that are not familiar with this species, it has large, fuzzy, pinnate leaves, and it does not fit the "normal" hydrangea leaf that we are most expect. This cultivar of the "aspera" Hydrangeas flowers about a month earlier than 'Kawakamii,' with large lacecap flower heads. The stamens are a pale mauvish-blue and the sterile florets are white tinged with mauve. Since it flowers on old wood, if it needs pruning, perform this task immediately after flowering in early to mid summer. Here in the Deep South, ours flower in late May and June, but in Europe, it flowers in late summer. I have spoken with several gardeners here in the Deep South and all verify that this species flowers better for them when they give it a little more sun. So don't plant it in too much shade.

Zones 5-8