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Gardenia augusta 'Belmont'

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Belmont Gardenia or Cape Jasmine. This Gardenia was actually one of the earliest patented plants registered by the U. S. Plant Patent Office numbered at 98, but the patent has long since expired. 'Peace' rose was actually the first plant patent ever registered. This exceptional selection has large double 4 inch fragrant flowers which flowers heavily from late spring through early summer, with sporadic flowering even into the fall. It is a robust grower, and makes one of the best Gardenias for growing indoors. It also is one of the best selections for cut flowers. As with all Gardenias, one should be on the look-out for white flies. These small pests seem to just "float" around, but upon depositing "honey dew" on the leaves, sooty mold will soon follow. Check with your local garden center or county agent for what is recommended to control them in your area.