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Edgeworthia chrysantha ‘Heaven Scent'

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Heaven Scent Edgeworthia. This species is noted for its incredible fragrance which closely resembles that of paper white narcissus. But one day while walking in the nursery on a very still day wind-wise, I kept getting this whiff of a fragrance of which I was not familiar. Since I am not known for my olfactory acumen, I was somewhat surprised, because very few plants were in flower at the time. I kept looking around until I finally realized that it was this seedling Edgeworthia, and its fragrance was distinctly different from the clone that we were growing. So we have began to propagate it and introduce it to the gardening world. The flower clusters are not as large as 'Winter Sun', but it has the distinctive fragrance of this selection. One can grow it as all other Edgeworthias in filtered sun with uniform moisture and good drainage. The late winter flowers which begin to open here in late January are one of the most anticipated harbingers of spring. For more details on this species read the description under Edgeworthia 'Winter Gold'.

Zones 6-9