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Cortaderia selloana 'Silver Comet'

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Silver Comet Pampas Grass. This is by far the most outstanding variegated pampas grass anywhere. White stripes border the outside of all leaves ending in a purple sheath at the base. It gives the appearance of an evergreen Miscanthus. This is also the most dwarf of all pampas grasses. The foliage reaches only 3 to 4 ft. and the plumes are only to 5 ft. The Pampas Grasses are all native to Argentina. As amazing as it may seem, I have never seen this species self sow in the wild. For most attractive growth, one should cut the old winter-burnt foliage and seed stalks back in February, so that when the new growth emerges in the spring, it won't be mixed with last years aging leaves and bloom stalks.

Zones 7b-10