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Citrus x aurantifolia 'Thornless'

Citrus x aurantifolia 'Thornless'

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Thornless Key Lime. The common name is in reference to the Keys in Florida where the plant has naturalized. But, the species is native to tropical southeast Asia where it was developed as a hybrid between Citrus hystrix x Citrus medica, and believe me it is plenty thorny. So a thornless form is a gift from God. Well, not exactly thornless. You may find a couple of 1/8" small thorns at the base of a few leaves. It would be interesting to know the origin of this selection. Here in our climate it would have to be treated as a container plant. One can grow it outside in zones 10-11 which would include South Florida, extreme south Texas and southern California. The straight species is very thorny, but this selection is pretty much thornless. These that we offer are rooted from cuttings of a parent plant, and it is on its own roots rather than being grafted or grown from seed. The flowers have the same heavenly fragrance of the genus. The fruit are normally picked green, but if left to fully ripen, they will turn yellow, and they are 1-2" in diameter.

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Zones 10-11