Retail Store

If you plan on visiting our retail store, please enter into your phone or GPS device the physical address of “143 Mims Grove Church Road, North Augusta, SC.” Do not put in our name for directions because some search engines will carry you to the wrong address. Somehow, an old address no longer in use is embedded in TomTom and Apple. We have done everything imaginable to correct this, and even though we have been assured that it is corrected, it isn’t. We hope you will come by soon and enjoy your visit!

In January of 1973 when Nurseries Caroliniana opened its doors, we would have had a hard time imagining just how much the business would grow and develop over the next 45 years. One of the most encouraging developments has been the increased desire of our customers for unusual and underutilized plants. We have seen the trend move away from Bradford Pears, Juniper beds, Japanese hollies, etc., and towards more diversity in the home landscape, like Rhodoleia, Leucosceptrum, Beschorneria, Osmanthus, etc.

We have been striving to keep finding new plants suitable for our area as well as encouraging the use of many wonderful natives. One of the reasons our customers like to come and stroll through the nursery is that they never know what they might find. In addition to the huge selection of plants that we grow, we take advantage of many other excellent nurseries to give us even more variety. Ted has traveled to Europe, Japan and China bringing back many new species and new cultivars of old proven winners, such as Osmanthus fragrans, Tea Olives.

Throughout the growing season we have an extensive selection of herbs, perennials, bedding plants, and vegetable plants. We carry a wide variety of bulk garden seeds as well as packaged specialty seeds.

For those of you who have never been to our store, we also carry the usual fertilizers, chemicals and tools. We pride ourselves on our select gifts, great gardening and reference books, concrete items, pots and so on. For the organic gardener we maintain a wide selection of botanical and biological controls.

If you are coming from out of town and want a specific plant, Please call ahead and send us a list of your wants. Many of our unusual plants sell out almost as soon as they are ready.

Store Hours:

Sunday:         Closed
Monday:        8:30am - 5:00pm
Tuesday:       8:30am - 5:00pm
Wednesday:  8:30am - 5:00pm
Thursday:      8:30am - 5:00pm
Friday:           8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturday:       8:30am - 4:00pm


Nurseries Caroliniana, Inc.
143 Mims Grove Church Road
N. Augusta, SC 29860


Retail Store F.A.Q.

Q: Are the prices for plants at your retail location the same prices that are in the online catalog.

A: No. As with most mail order nurseries that open their doors to the public, their prices are the same as their online catalog. But ours are not. In our online prices we have figured in the cost of gathering plants and packing them, so we don’t feel like it is ethical to charge you the same price. Our retail prices are almost always less than our online catalog prices.


Q: How do we get to the nursery from Aiken or Augusta?

A: We are only 5 minutes off of Exit 5 on I-20. Do not search through our name, Nurseries Carolinian, but instead, put this address into your phone or GPS device: 143 Mims Grove Church Road, North Augusta, SC, 29860. Please take a look here before giving us a call at (803)-279-2707


Q: Do you do landscape design and installation.

A: Yes, we do provide these services through our retail location. Please give us a call at (803)-279-2707 and we will let you know. We have many, very happy, customers for whom we have provided landscape design services.


Q: If I call you about this really annoying weed or lawn problems, can you help me?

A: It is much more efficient for us to have you bring a sample of the problem to our retail location. Attempting to diagnose weed issues on the phone is problematic. Come see us and we would be happy to help you with weed problems in your lawn and garden. For lawn weed problems, please call us so that we can describe the proper sample size for you to bring.


Q: Can you do soil analysis services?

A: Yes, we are a pickup point for having the soil lab at Clemson University do a soil analysis for you, either for your garden or lawn. There is a small nominal fee that the state charges for this service.