About Us

We opened as a retail garden center in North Augusta, SC in 1973, where we began to offer the old and the new in plant material for the Deep South. We are a family owned and operated business, and this is where our family has lived for over 250 years.

Since our opening, we have made a concerted effort to search out the new, the rare and the unusual to make available to our customers. By the early 1980's we realized that many new botanical jewels that gardeners wanted for their collections were not available on the wholesale market. We then began to grow these for our local constituents, and by the late 80's, we began to supply landscapers in the Augusta area. It wasn't until the early 90's that we began to put together a wholesale catalog and make a determined effort to begin a wholesale division. But we are rapidly fazing out of our wholesale operation and concentrating more on retail and mail order.

Our website went online in 2000, and since then we have had great response, shipping plants all over the U.S. and some foreign countries. With our introductions of many new selections from Europe, China and Japan, this has been the best way to get them to the gardening public. The introduction of new plant selections to our customers is one of the most fruitful aspects of our nursery. Since Fruitland Nurseries was one of the oldest nurseries in the Southeast, the Augusta area has been a hotbed of horticultural interest through the years, and there are many horticultural gems in our area that are rarely found anywhere else. The original Asian wisteria, Wisteria sinensis, was acquired from Pomaria Nurseries, Newberry, SC, and introduced into America, and is still growing at the Augusta National Golf Club. Here, the Berckman family, who founded Fruitland Nurseries, introduced many new cultivars to the American market, such as the double flowering Carolina Jessamine, Gelsemium sempervirens ‘Pride of Augusta’. We were contacted by the Augusta National Gold Club to help save this historical Wisteria. It was then that we realized that this was not just any wisteria. It will flower even in a one gallon container, which is almost unheard for with wisterias, and additionally it has a delectable fragrance.

Picture here of Wisteria ‘Pride of Augusta’

In a small nursery in Japan a single plant of Caryopteris divaricata 'Snow Fairy' was found. This is one of the best variegated herbaceous perennials for the Deep South, as its white borders will not burn even in 100°F heat and full sun. It performs far better than any other Caryopteris in the South. If you have problems with deer, just plant a few of these nearby and it will ward them off.

We are having requests for this plant now from almost every continent. We are visited yearly by nurserymen from Japan and Europe seeking new plants for their nurseries.

In 2001, because of a highway expansion, we were forced to move our retail garden center from where we had been located for almost 30 years. We decided to move to the same tract on which our wholesale operation is located, from where it would be easier to service our sales yard.

We have a full garden line of fertilizers, chemicals, hardware, ornamental concrete and pots. In addition, we offer a design service and can arrange for installation. We welcome group tours of our growing operation with garden clubs and master gardeners of 15 or more individuals.

We grow in sizes from 4" pots up to 15 gallon containers. You are welcome to come to our nursery and pick out your own plants

We have enjoyed the continuing support of our existing clientele and have found many new customers from all over! We are just a few minutes-drive from I-20 at Exit 5 in South Carolina, about two and a half hours from downtown Atlanta and Charlotte, NC, 1 hour from Columbia and just across the river from Augusta, Georgia. We are about 1/2 hour from downtown Aiken, South Carolina. 

Go to our “Retail” page on this website for a map or put the address: 143 Mims Grove Church Road, North Augusta, SC in your phone or GPS device and it will bring you to our front door.


Many people wonder about our name. "Caroliniana" is a botanical species epithet meaning "from the Carolinas" in Latin. For instance, Carolina cherry is Prunus caroliniana, or literally, "a prune from the Carolinas.”

We are the Nursery from the Carolinas! Enjoy your visit and stop back often!