Clerodendron trichotomum - This large shrub to small tree has terminal panicles of white flowers with deep pink calyxes in late summer with the fragrance of rubrum lilies. These are followed by deep blue berries surrounded by rose calyxes in fall.
Clerodendron trichotomum 'Variegata' (Carnival) is pictured third here, This may be the first offering of this plant in the US. It has a spectacular cream-yellow wide margined variegation to each leaf with the same fragrant white flowers of the species followed by blue berries in the fall. Large shrub status. The species is hardy into zone 7.
Clerodendron trichotomum 'Variegata' (Carnival)
Vigorous to say the least! We have plants that
grow 6 feet in one gallon cans from first
year cuttings!
Expect bloom the second year.

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